The Road to Xalapa Mexico

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We packed it up and headed out, but this time driving. The road to  Xalapa is a beautiful one. I was reminded of my trip to Hawaii as we were driving through crisscrossed, green, tropical, mountain ranges. But put me in the forest, or place me on a beach, and I am a happy man.

We arrived very late in the afternoon, performed that evening, and left early the next day, so I was not able to see to much of this city. But what I did find out is that,¬†Xalapa is in the middle of Mexico’s prime coffee growing area and the capital of the Veracruz State, and to me was similar to Zacatecas in the way of the narrow and winding streets and alley ways that snake throughout the city. The sky was clear and the weather was very nice, and you could even see the peak of Pico de Orizaba, also called Citlalteptl. It’s an in active volcano that is Mexico’s tallest peak(about 18,850 ft.).


The main beauty of Xalapa for me, is the lush green vegetation and surrounding mountain sides. The city is nicknamed “The city of flowers”. With the humid tropical weather and lush vegetation one can understand why. That’s it for this one, just a short one today. :-)

Happy Travels!

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